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Mr. 509 - 9.30 Fly - 9.30 Fly

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  1. Kazrami
    Fly - Fly ( uk, wonderful psychedelic folk rock with prog aroma) Uk group with the curious name recorded at the beginning in a disc folk-rock namesake of a psico-progressive packing, Fly. All the songs are dominated from the harmony of the voices of .
  2. Vikus
    Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly re-mastered and expanded edition of the highly collectable and legendary self-titled album by Fly. Formed in Cheltenham in , were a highly original band who took in folk and progressive influences in their work.
  3. Meztibar
    Third World War - Third World War II ( uk hard rock, blues rock and heavy blues - Flac) - *Much like their American counterparts Mc5, Third World War were a heavily politicized band from England who made their mark playing heavy rock songs wit Author: Aguar.
  4. Diktilar
    Dec 16,  · Fly - Fly This is a hidden lost treasure of both in the genres between Progressive and Folk music in the early s. Originally released on the Ember label in , Fly brought these two sounds of music in a rare gem that is going through the looking glass and seeing what mysterious beauty lies beneath in the magical mirror.
  5. Mikabei
    Fly. Lifeand times Summerdays September Unhinged Mr. Brooklyn Thoughts Time of war *Michael Wainwright – Lead Vocals *Barbara Wainwright – Vocals, Electric Piano *Lyn Oakey - Guitar *Gary Charman - Bass *Mike Clark - Drums.
  6. Feshakar
    Apr 17,  · Fly Summer Turns to Autumn: Progressive, Psychedelic & Folk Rock from the Ember Vaults Looking Towards the Sky: Progressive, Psychedelic and Folk Rock from the Ember VaultsMusic Duration: 7 min.

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