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Viiletä - Japi & Jopi - Ei Nimi Miestä Pahenna

7 thoughts on “ Viiletä - Japi & Jopi - Ei Nimi Miestä Pahenna

  1. Disida
    A selection of sound installations, music releases, music for other media, and other sound works. My work examines complexity, emergence, ecology, urbanization, possible worlds, and future scenarios. I work collaboratively and globally across the arts, and am especially interested in applying music and sound art to new contexts, and producing creative work constructive to social and.
  2. Goltigrel
    Työn nimi Marschak Interaction Method (MIM)- havainnointimenetelmä lapsen kuntoutuksen tukena. Koulutusohjelma Kuntoutusohjauksen ja -suunnittelun koulutusohjelma Työn ohjaaja(t) WALDEN, Pirjo Toimeksiantaja(t) Tiivistelmä Opinnäytetyön tavoitteena on saada tietoa, miten käyttökelpoinen Marschak In-.
  3. Arashigul
    Vaavi was founded in autumn and lasted until During the first phase they released two albums and a compilation of their singles. Vaavi made a comeback in and recorded a third album "Likainen tusina" in but only two singles were released as the rest of the recordings were shelved.
  4. Moll
    Lahti-Piste is a low-threshold service point. Lahti-Piste provides a wide variety of services by the City, such as resident parking permits, general parking passes for businesses, fishing gear markers and passes for local transport.
  5. Fenrilkis
    “Him” is the ac­cusative of “he”, “her” is the ac­cusative of “she”, “me” is the ac­cusative of “I”, and “them” is the ac­cusative of “they”. It works the same way for pro­nouns in Es­peranto, but the ac­cusative of every pro­noun is formed by sim­ply adding the suf­fix -n.

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